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When you decide to make a move, probably you’ll need a warehousing service. But in the case of long-distance moves, it becomes necessary. There’s a big difference between a local move and a long-distance move that affects the moving costs a lot. You’ll need warehousing and storage services to store the items when you can’t shift them and make them happen overnight. So you look for a service that will keep an eye on your items. This is what warehousing services by the top packers and movers do.

Items You Can and Cannot Put At Storage Services

Now the question arises what are the things that I can put at the warehousing and storage services and what cannot. To make it easy for you the top packers and movers have prepared a list of items that you can put in warehousing storage.

1. Perishable

The warehousing and storage services should not be used for food goods, animal products. Also, It should not be used for the storage of any other deemed perishable item. As a general guideline, the following is true: If it is kept in a carton box, it cannot be stored. The storage of packaged goods and preserves is permitted.

2. Can You Store Hazardous Materials At Warehousing And Storage Services?

Well! It would be a silly question to ask. But hazardous materials like combustible substances i.e. matchsticks, kerosene, radioactive substances are not allowed to store at warehousing and storage services. The goods you cannot keep include engine oil, fuel, gas, and fireworks. In the storage container, asbestos is not permitted. All these articles are deemed harmful and not only the property but also human life might be put at risk.

3. Pets

Look at those innocent lives. They are meant to love and play. You cannot store your pets at the warehousing storage services. It is unethical and inhumane to store animals. No storage facilities permit animals or plants, whether dead or alive. Storage devices are dark, hot, and not appropriate for living purposes.

4. Weapons

Again, this comes into the category of dangerous things. Cannot keep firearms, munitions, and other weapons such as bows, flashlights, knives, and swords. A misfire that may cause property damage or worse could break-in and assault your warehouse.

  • The products that can be stored in warehouse storage services comprise of the following:
  • Commodities related to agriculture, manufacture, and production
  • Packing materials
  • Replacement parts or components

Select The Warehousing Storage By The Best Packers And Movers

When we combine it with our transport capacity, the value of our warehouse operations shows. The movement and storage of top packers and movers may transfer your products straight from our warehouse to any place in India. We can monitor, report, and provide full-service distribution services for the stored products in our facilities.

  • Firstly, Our distribution team may accept deliveries from you or by suppliers directly.
  • Secondly, Inventory acquisition
  • Thirdly, Control and reporting of inventories
  • Inventory selection, packaging, and ship
  • Management of special orders
  • Moreover, Deliver items through shippers or straight to your designated customers.
  • Above all we transport across the country

Contact Us for packing and moving services. We wish you a happy relocation.

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