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Both Vastu and Feng Shui are convinced of the importance of home plants in maintaining energy flows and harmony. The health, prosperity, and wealth of the people might also be affected. If plants do not conform with Vastu, on the other hand, they might be harbors of negative vibrations and misfortune. Therefore, studying the Vastu features of different plants is very vital before they are brought home.

Vastu Plants to Bring Wealth and Prosperity to Your Home

Here are 7 Vastu plants that have been recommended to improve your lifestyle:

1. Rubber plants

The ringed leaves are emblematic of Vastu’s richness and financial progress. When put in the right zone of your home, they will bring you a lot of business success and money. It also absorbs many pollutants in the air on the inside and acts as a purifying substance for natural air.

2. Bamboo- Vastu Plants With Low Maintenance

Bamboo trees are quite low maintenance, so having them in the house is easy. It brings health, happiness, and well-being back home according to Feng Shui. In particular, the lotus bamboo symbolizes luck and calm, and purity.

3. Orchids

The ancient Greeks linked orchids to fertility, desire, and desire and would consequently make a tremendous difference to the lives of newlyweds. They symbolize affection and may reassure the soul. They are also gorgeous and can decorate any nook.

4. Holy Basil (Tulsi)- The Pious Vastu Plant

Oxygen may be released throughout the day and night by the Tulsi plant leaves, which makes it helpful for the home. In Hindi folklore, the Tulsi plant also has a very unique significance and is regularly adorated by housewives.

5. Chinese Flowers

The flowers of China signify health and optimism. The tree flowers in the spring symbolize the beginning of a new year. They can foster kindness and positiveness and enhance love between couples. The greatest outcome will be to keep this plant in the living room.

6. Lotus- The Symbol Of Goddess Lakshmi- The Most Desired Vastu Plant

Whereas the lotus for a home plant is uncommon, it has many pleasant vibes. It is linked to Ma Lakshmi and Lord Buddha, which makes it very favorable. Thus, the lotus is thought to attract prosperity and salvation. It signifies exclusiveness, values, power, and pureness.

7. Lily

The plant of the lily is a scented bloom that attracts everyone to its perfume. It is a sign of joy, peace, and harmony, according to Vastu. It helps members in the home keep calm in instances of stress. Lilies are also related to meditation and hence it would better serve the objective to maintain them in an area where it is done.

Plants that are not good for home Vastu?

While the above plants might offer plenty of good luck and positiveness to your life, they can also cause discord. There are plants here that are not beneficial for the Vastu house.

  • While bonsai plants are nice to look at, they are not at home since they indicate sluggish development.
  • Cotton and silky cotton are not plants to be growing or maintained as Vastu in the house.
  • Evil spirits inhabit Mehendi or myrtle trees are said to be a huge no!!
  • Death and dying plants in the house shouldn’t be kept.
  • No other plant in the northeast ‘corners’ of the dwelling should be planted except Tulsi.
  • A thorny plant is a non-functional plant like cactus.


So these were the Vastu plants for your home which are favorable to add wealth and prosperity to your life. Also read Vastu Shanti Pooja, muhurt, and details. Contact us if you want your plants relocated by us.

22 June, 2021 04:54 am


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