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Moving is an exciting experience and it should be done with proper planning. For this, you must make a moving checklist. Moving checklist is nothing but a list of things to when moving to a new place. Here’s a moving checklist by the top packers and movers to make your move easy.

Moving Checklist

1. First Step Of Moving Checklist- Agree On A Date

This is the first item to concentrate on the moving checklist. It’ll be difficult to knock anything else off your checklist until you have established a date for the major relocation.

You will probably have to move out and all in one day if you buy a property. But you might be able to move a couple of days if you rent.

2. Get Removals Quotes

You should start collecting removals quotations immediately unless you plan to make the moves yourself. Make this one of the things you need to accomplish before moving home.

You can hire a car for the day when money is tight, and ask a few friends to assist you to move. You may buy a simple removal package or even ask them to pack and reassemble your furniture if you use a moving agency.

Before you leave your present place, it is a terrific idea to have a clear notion and to visit the charity store. In this manner, you will not be saddled with any undesirable goods when it comes to unpacking.

3. Tell Your Banks About The Move

Tell your banks, construction businesses, insurance firms, and so forth. You’re going to want to update your records, so add this to your moving house checklist.

In case of an emergency, your bank needs the right information about you.

  • Furthermore, it is a means to avoid the loss of foreigners in the hands of your critical financial papers. Both PINs and new credit cards are supplied by mail, which means it is vital that they reach the correct address.
  • In ahead of moving, contact each bank. Specify your new address and date, to keep their records up to date.

4. Update Your Documents- The Most Important Step Of Moving Checklist

It doesn’t cost anything to change the address on your driving license, but you could be fined if you don’t update your details. So for that reason, it’s high up on the moving house checklist. If you’re a driver, get it done without delay.

5. Take Final Meter Readings

Take water, gas, and power meter readings on your property before leaving your previous house. You may even photograph the meter. This is tagged so it is evidence as to when the shot has been shot.

This is an essential component of the wide-moving checklist. You can wind up getting billed for someone else’s use if you don’t notify your providers before you relocate. The address forms you can fill out in your utilities have probably changed on their websites.

Usually, if you wish to move, you may stay with the same gas and electricity company. When you provide them your new address, you may organize the changeover for you.

6. Move Your Digital TV And Broadband

Most internet, landline, and digital television providers enable you to take your existing bundle with you at no extra cost when moving. This is as long as you give your new area a service. If you can shift your service or offer an alternative you need to inform them in advance. Add this to your moving house checklist.

You’ll probably want to shift your broadband to your new residence, so let them know as much as possible so that there is no delay in moving. If you realize there is a delay, for a brief period of internet use your phone may turn into a mobile hotspot.

7. Update Everyone Else

Before you move out, contact any companies that regularly send you deliveries. Remember to include things like:

  • Magazines and newspapers
  • Milk
  • Vegetable, meal, or snack boxes
  • Contact lenses
  • Medicines.

8. Create A Box Of Essentials- Essential Step In A Moving Checklist

You will undoubtedly want to handle several bits and bobs on moving day. It’s smart to keep them separate, so you don’t lose track of where they are in your car. You may want to add in your box: your valuable documents – for example, your home move papers and your kit for passport drugs – tea, coffee, milk, sugar, cups and snackers, your passport, beverages, etc.


These are the tips for what to while moving into a new house. Follow this moving checklist and have a happy relocation. Contact us for relocation services in Chandigarh and Zirakpur.

21 June, 2021 11:21 am


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