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Home Shifting Guides

Are you relocating your home in Kullu? Best packers and movers in Kullu will help you. Some people think the kitchen is the hardest thing to relocate; some other people think it’s hard to relocate furniture. But deep inside we all know that you can hire help for kitchen or furniture but your clothes are the most important and hardest to pack as it contains some private clothes also you will not surely want any other person to see and touch. Hence you need to pack your clothes with your hands. And you even need it after relocation when everyone will leave you and your family with a new house and complete luggage. Without further discussion, here are 12 tips and tricks for packing clothes you should use during your next move.

Get a garment box: Best Packers and Movers in Kullu

We know even in big cities; people don’t use the garment box. And some people even don’t know about garment boxes also.Ram packers and movers will tell you a complete guide for that. A garment box is just like a small wardrobe which you usually use for kids. It will help you to pack your ironed clothes which you need for tomorrow morning or the next day and you don’t need to pack them without hangers. Just take the hangers out of the wardrobe and put them in a garment box simple. You must be having somethings like sweaters jeans which don’t need hangers. You don’t need to pack everything in a garment box just pack some of your favorite.

No box? Use old bag: Best Packers and Movers in Kullu

If you don’t have a garment box, or you don’t want to buy a new one then you can use your old bags which are of no use. Just put all the clothes out of the wardrobe with hangers and try to pack them in old bags. You can even use a garbage bag which is easily available and easy to use. You should use a heavy-duty garbage bag rather than using a simple one it will help in the hardness and breaking of the bag.

Vacuum seal bulky items

You must be wondering how to pack items that are very fluffy and take too much space. If you’re packing heavy sweaters or jackets you will need a single bag for a single jacket. Which is a matter of discussion. Now, use a simple vacuum bag for these things and pack all bulky things in these bags you must be thinking of how to vacuum seal items when you don’t even have a vacuum pump. You can easily get on rent for a few hours if you want that. Contact us and message your requirements here.

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