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Home Shifting Guides

Safety of the objects is the first concern during a move. Packaging is one of the most important parts of a process of shifting that ensures the final and long-term safe transport of commodities. To meet this aim and to ensure the safe delivery of home products at your preferred locations, it is important to use the proper type of packaging material for every household item. Here are the packing tips by the Amritsar Packers and movers for successful shifting.

Packing tips by the Amritsar packers and movers?

The migration of the people’s items linked to the sentimental values of the people is one of the most complex moving processes. The home goods guidance to ensure a safe removal is presented here by Amritsar packers and movers step by step.

Books packing tips by Amritsar Packers and Movers

Boxes for books are the appropriate places to store and pack your books throughout your relocation preparations. Follow these measures to make your books and other readings safe.

  • Optimize your book collection and just bring those crucial and essential books with you.
  • Prepare separate boxes of cardboard for your books and your books.
  • Give any NGO children the box of unwanted books.
  • Take tiny boxes to pack your books because they will probably be heavy after loading.
  • Keep books covered with soft packing paper in the packaging boxes and scale the boxes with good-grade rubber.
  • Label the boxes

How to pack furniture- Tips by Packers and Movers in Amritsar?

Remove dust and dirt correctly to minimize scratching on your surface. Clean the furniture.

Using the owner’s handbook, disassemble the furniture properly.

Keep the dismantled furniture’s screws and other hardware products in plastic sachets to prevent loss.

Label the furniture parts with easy-mounting numbers.

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Tips to Pack paintings by the packers and movers In Amritsar

Paintings enhance the beauty of houses via the brightness of color decoration of the walls. The shift of these wonderful works of art is also an art and hence a damage-free relocation needs to be effectively packaged. Here are packing tips for painting by Amritsar packers and movers.

  • To safeguard them from damage, glass artworks must be marked using masking tape.
  • Multi-layered plastic coverings should protect paintings without a glass frame. Palette wrap is another material for the packaging of paintings and other artworks.
  • You can buy carton corners to prevent damage if the paintings or the frames have fragile edges.
  • Fragile and expensive pictures can be wrapped with bubble wrap layers and tape.

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Packing Of Electronic Items

The safe and secure relocation of electronics including television, music systems, microwaves, PCs, and other products. This advice by packers and movers in Amritsar can save your time and money by using electrical equipment packaging.

  • For dismantling, take out the user manuals of all electrical gadgets.
  • Take away your devices and remote batteries to prevent leaks or overheating.
  • Get your battery charges at a minimum of two days before the date of movement.
  • Remove the cartridges and seal them in a plastic bag sealed.
  • Remove the audio, video, and power wires and retain them with proper labeling in separate plastic bags.
  • Use boxes to protect electronics adequately coated with bubble wraps. Also, cover it with towels from the top and the bottom.
  • Protect TV screens with bubble wraps and towels. Then cover it with all onion sheets of cardboard.

How to pack antiques?

Antiques are delicate and costly antiques used to adorn and appeal to households. To move such delicate objects demands specific know-how and proper packaging.

  • The first step to the safe transport of antiques is to select the correct packaging material. Objects such as sculptures, literature, and textiles are covered in a bubble. The ideal way to box these objects effectively is goods manufactured from wood or glass, plastic or foam wrap.
  • To wrap antiquities, use blankets and towels and then protect them with a bubble wrap covering.
  • Also, protect your corners with corner guards for antique mirrors and artworks.

Packing of Crockery

People take the costly crockery that is a status symbol with tremendous caution. Thus, pack them carefully.

  • To prevent the spilling or weight ripping of boxes, choose robust medium size boxes for packing cookery.
  • To protect the protection of the crockery, line the packaging boxes with the inside bubble wrap.
  • Wrap the vaults such as tissue panes and panes to avoid moisture and decoloration of the vaults.
  • Place a bubble wrap sheet for safety between each platform.


These packing tips and techniques for home shifts by packers and movers in Amritsar help in safe relocation of goods. Or persons who use packers and movers for their house transfer in Amritsar. Regardless of the city, you move to in your nation, following packing guidelines will allow household belongings to be moved without harm.

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