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Pet Relocation Series

Home relocation becomes more difficult when you witness the problem of moving wit pets. It is another problem to look after pet owners if they are having an interstate move. Aside from all movement duties, which individuals on the move must take care of before they decide the best time to move, it becomes more complicated to plan and pull off a pet-animal – typically a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish. The relocation is sometimes so stressful that it affects the health of your dog. The relocation preparation is sometimes so intensive and stressful that pet owners often make terrible mistakes before, during and after relocating with dogs.

Common mistakes to avoid during relocation with your dog

Check out the most common moving mistakes that people do while relocating with domestic animals, so you can avoid them, in your next relocation with pet.  It might be harder to move with a dog across the state than you expected for several reasons. However, you should do all possible to prevent any significant mistakes which might damage your pup’s home relocation.

1. Disrupting their routine

Dogs are very sensitive animals that enjoy their routine – when everything occurs in an order that makes perfect sense for them, they feel calm and safe. One of the most common problems encountered by dog owner is to interrupt the routine of their dogs. The reason being increased workload around the house. Be aware that the perturbation of a certain daily pattern might disturb and stress puppies.

Make every conceivable effort to maintain the routine of your dog unchanged.

2. Procrastinating the medical checkup of your dog before relocation

Relocation greatly impacts dogs. Therefore you should make sure that your beautiful pet is in good physical health, including on the journey. Do not make the mistake of skipping the necessary procedure for a comprehensive medical check-up with your dog to the veterinarian. Talk to your animal doctor office whether your dog needs any drugs (reassurance) to keep it quiet during the real movement.

3. Not concerning about your dog’s safety on relocation day

Moving day is the bustling time when huge and heavy goods are transported to the waiting truck. Thus, it is definitely not a good time for dog to face such turmoil.

Keep your pet dog secure in a room away from harmful actions during the relocation day. Better still, leave it with a friend till the packers and movers in Amritsar are gone.

4. Not dog-proofing the new location

Some dogs might be agitated if they are in a curious, new location. Too much worry will only lead to disaster for your closest animal buddy. It’s wrong not to take time to prove your pet’s dog’s safety, so that your pet may feel absolutely protected. Identify and remove any risks your canine friend could have to deal with. Introduce your dog to the new location also little by little. Make sure that during the initial post-move adaption time they cannot escape alone out.

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