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Along with the good news of relocation comes the stress of relocation which can give you a migraine. Because when you have to make a move or shift to another city in India you have to move your household goods too. However, putting your stuff in the warehouse is not always a good idea when you have to relocate for a long time. Thus, you have to move your goods anyhow. There are numerous ways of shifting household goods. But we have sorted the 7 best ways for you. Here are the 7 best ways by the best packers and movers by which you can transport household goods to anywhere in India. Keep reading to know those ideas.

How to transport household goods?

1. Shifting Household Goods With Packers and Movers

Nothing can be the best way than hiring the top packers and movers in your city for the relocation. Why? Because whether it is shifting to Amritsar or shifting to Patiala, shifting to hilly areas like Manali and Shimla, the top packers and movers play a significant role in relocating your household goods safely. Moreover, it will save your time and you won’t have to stress about the safety of your goods. Thus, hiring the packers and movers will bring a lot of advantages to you. Therefore, we advise hiring packers and movers while shifting household goods in India.

2. Moving Household Goods Using a large Moving Vehicle

This is another method of shifting your household goods. You can hire a large moving vehicle for the relocation of your goods. This is an economical method for shifting household goods like large furniture, AC, washing machine, etc. These services can be opted by personnel who cannot afford to hire the packers and movers full service. Thus for shifting household goods it is a convenient method too. The major disadvantage is that you are responsible for the safety of your goods. You need to pay separately to the drivers and helpers. Also, they can vary their prizes. On the other hand, the charges for top packers and movers are always fixed.

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3. Using Parcel Services for Relocating Household Goods

The parcel and courier businesses are among the greatest ways of moving heavy household objects from one area to another, such as furniture or cars. Such enterprises charge solely their consumers for transport costs and mostly have pickup and drop facilities operated by corporations in different parts of India. This is one of the finest and easiest methods. The major disadvantage is again the safety of your goods.

4. Moving Goods Using Two Wheeler

This is the most economical way to shift household goods. This is the most common solution when someone asks “How to shift household goods?” Thus, you can economically shift your goods. Moreover, you have control over the relocation process. You can move according to your needs. But, it is not suitable for shifting large household items as they are difficult to carry.

5. Transportation of Goods Using Tempo services

If you are searching for a convenient and economical way to carry your household items from one area to another, it is a wonderful alternative to employ a tempo-truck service. The organizations that provide these services will just collect your packaged items and take them to the ultimate place. The greatest solution for those with limited home properties is this form of transportation of products since it takes less room for products and such vehicles can properly accommodate your items. Depending on the distance from the old to the new site, your service costs are fair.

6. Moving Household Goods By Train

Trains are the most convenient and cheapest method to move from one place to another. Their charges are much less as compared to other methods of household goods shifting. You can move up to 150kg of items via train. Pre-booking Indian railway tickets is an excellent choice to guarantee the secure shipment of goods by train. You may also carry a vehicle or a bike by railway, not simply goods. For heavy items, you need to book a railway parcel and need to hire an auto or taxi from the station to your destination location. Time is another boundation while shifting goods via train.

7. Shifting Goods Via Bus

Buses are another way to transport your household goods. But you cannot move more than 100 kg and also it is difficult to move large furniture via bus.

Other methods of shifting household goods in India include Shifting via Air freight and sea freight which are quite expensive.


Here we discussed the best 7 ways to shift household goods. You can choose the one that suits you best. But the benefits of hiring packers and movers are unmatchable. Also, you need not worry about the safety of your goods.

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21 June, 2021 11:21 am


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